Kitten Berry Crunch

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Kitten Berry Crunch is now a Memoryy

It is with a sad heart today we announce the death of Kitten Berry Crunch…
and with a happy heart we announce the birth of Memoryy! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes…

Please continue to support & follow us with this new name.
Although our “Electric City EP” won’t be digitally released til June, you have your exclusive first chance to hear a sneak peek from it in the middle of our brand new Icons and Relics Mixtape!

We are playing our first show (with new band members!) this Saturday Feb 23rd @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn at Midnight.
Info here. $10 presale or $12 at the door.

Then we will be selling physical CDs at our headling show @ Glasslands with our friends Lazyeyes onboard.
Both shows will surely be magical affairs. Hope to see you out!

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Webster Hall on Friday with Rooney’s Robert Schwartman

Hey Kittens-

If you’re like us, you’ve been busy…
Not only have we been surviving Frankenstorms & Nor’easters,
We just released our Dreams EP in Europe with the help of Audio Kult Recordings.
We’ve been holed up in the studio recording out follow-up album with the help of talented producer Attiss Ngo. How does it sound? Well it’s honestly the best thing I’ve had the privilege of working on… And you’ll see for yourself when it drops in Spring 2013.

And if you’re in New York on Friday, we’re opening for Rooney’s frontman Robert Schwartzman-
The Studio @ Webster Hall. We’re on at 8:30pm. Ages 16 & up.
Info here.

Hope you’re staying warm!


Late Summer Update

Hello Kitten,

How are you? You look absolutely ravishing today. And your perfume? It’s intoxicating…

Speaking of intoxicating, come get intoxicated with us August 30th – we’re playing for free at Public Assembly in Williamsburg at 8:30. With 2 of Brooklyn’s finest & 2 of our dearest homies, Triple Cobra (it’s their last show evah!) & Not Blood Paint.

Speaking of Not Blood Paint, they’ll be helping us out when we headline Mercury Lounge next month. Mark this on your calendar: Thursday September 20th… It will be the mother of all mothers.

Speaking of mothers, have you called yours lately? Cause you should. So you can tell her to pick-up the newest issue of Under The Radar magazine, featuring yours truly in the 30 Free Downloads section. Here’s a list of stores that sell it.

Speaking of selling it, You don’t have to sell me on that dress. Cause you looking real fine… As fine as our new Miami music video! It’s 80′s, it’s fun, and it has that fast MTV editing that hurts my eyes.

And speaking of hurting your eyes, hey isn’t that a fork over there? You should do something with it.
Like use it as a food-assisting utensil for eating kitten berry crunch.

ps. give us a heart if you’re on!


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